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Importing bookmarks and dials from Firefox to Chrome and back with EverSync

Last Updated: Nov 06, 2015 04:10AM EST
1) Download and install EverSync addon.

2) Click on the add-on button and choose Options. Go to the Account tab and type in your username and password. If you don’t have an account with yet, you can register one right from the add-on window.

3) Open Bookmark Sync or Speed Dial Sync depending on what you want to sync (if you want to sync both the bookmarks and the speed dials, then do one right after another).

4) Click Upload. As soon as the uploading process is over, close the addon window.

5) Open Chrome browser. Launch and install the EverSync addon. Type your username and password in the corresponding fields.

6) Open the sync tab that you want (Bookmarks or Speed Dial) and click Download. After the download is over, close the addon window.

7) There you go! You have synced your bookmarks! To repeat this process in the future, simply use the Merge function in EverSync. If you want to import bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox, repeat the process mentioned above – only start with Upload in Chrome and then do the Download in Firefox.

P.S. Don’t forget to back up your bookmarks before you do anything to them. You can do the backup directly from the addon window!

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