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GetThemAll Quick Guide

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2015 07:11AM EST

Quick Guide

1. GetThemAll Browser (recommended)

Open the page you want to download content from in the GetThemAll browser. Select Options and then Click on Get All (or Alt.Download if you are looking for videos, depending on what you want to download). Next, choose the files that you want to have on your hard drive and click the Download button.

Default Browser

Open the page from which you want to download content (video, images or music). Choose Share Link from the menu, then go to GetThemAll and click on Get All (or Alt.Download if you only want videos). That's it – all you've gotyou have left to do is choose the file/files you want to download and click the Download button.


The software comprises 4 modules:

Browse – simple and convenient browser that allows for navigating through the Web and searching for content

Get All – the webpage parsing module that “splits” the page into pictures, videos and other files

Files – a basic file manager where you will find all of your downloads

Getting - download manager with interrupted download feature allowing you to finish the downloads even if your connection to the Internet is lost at a certain moment.

Now let’s take a closer look at this very important feature of our software. When you send a webpage to Get All, it goes through an instant parsing that detects and lists all downloadable elements available on it.

The Links section lists the hyperlinks to internal pages (you can download and read them when offline) and files of the following formats: .txt, .pdf, .exe, .rar, .zip, etc.

The Media section lists videos, pictures and music.

Click on the file to view its information. If it is an image, clicking on it will open it.

You can download files either one by one or in bulk by choosing the ones you want on your hard drive and clicking Download.

What is the difference between Get All and Alt.Downloads?

We recommend you use Alt.Downloads for fast downloading of video files from certain sites. Get All analyzes the whole page and finds all downloadable content available on it – video, images, music and other types of files. In most cases, you are strongly advised to use Get All mode in order to achieve better results!


Wi-Fi Only – with this option activated, the program will only work when there is a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.

Flash Enable – use this option to enable/disable Flash in GetThemAll browser.

PC Version – if you want the sites to show you regular desktop content (“perceive” you as a desktop/laptop user), activate this feature.

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