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Nimbus Note for iPad - Quick Guide

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018 06:33AM EDT
You need to have a Nimbus account for full-featured use with a mobile device. If you already have an account, you can enter your e-mail and password in the form and press Sign In. Otherwise, you need to create an account (this will not take longer than 30 seconds).

How do I create a text note?

You should open the desired folder and tap

How do I create a photo or audio/video note?

You should open the desired folder, tap on  , and then choose photo, audio, video or To-Do-note.

Is there a quick way to edit a note?  

There sure is! You can double-tap on a note and it will open in editing mode right away.

Please explain to me what the buttons in the editor do

By clicking on , you can draw a picture and paste it into a note.  is for adding a photo to your note.The  button is for adding an audio recording, while  is for adding a video recording. If you need to add tasks to the note, you can click on . If you would like to change the map location of your note, tap on . With the help of , you can change the note folder, while tapping on  allows you to select or change tags for the note.

How do I change the line spacing?

Open a note. Press on the Line-Spacing button and select the desired value.

How do I add audio or video to a note?

Open the note. Click on add note button. Select whatever you need to add. Once recorded, click on Save. You can also add audio or video in the note editor.

How to color-code a note?

There are two ways:

1) Make a swipe on the note title on the note list. Tap on the palette icon and select a color.

2) Open a note. Open the note menu and tap on Note Color. Select the required color and press on Set.

What are Favorites?

They are notes specially marked by you. They could also be called Important. Here you can add notes you want quick and easy access to. Notes can be added from different folders.

How to add notes to Favorites?

There are a few ways:

a) Swiping left to right on a note on the note list will add it to Favourites. Doing the same again will remove it from favourites.

b) Pressing on the heart in the note menu. Pressing on the icon again will remove the note from Favorites.

How do I create a new folder?

Go to Folders and press +

How do I create a subfolder?

Swipe on the name of the desired folder. In the menu that appears press +Subfolder and enter the subfolder name in the form.

How can i change note folder?

Tap on the note menu

Tap on the Folder and select new folder.

How do I set a lock password for the application?

Open the settings and switch from Power Off to On. Then set a password for the application.

How do I synchronize notes ?

You can synchronize in one of two ways:

a) On the list of notes or folders, drag the top corner down to launch synchronization.

b) Tap on the sync button in left menu -

What's the difference between Fast and Full Sync?

When you use Fast Sync, only note titles and descriptions are downloaded, and the text and any attachments do not download automatically. The text and attachments will only download when you open a specific note. If you use Full Sync, text and attachments for all the notes will download. This type of sync can take a long time, and you may need a great volume of Internet traffic.

How do I disable auto synchronization or change its interval?

Open Settings and select Synchronization. In the window that opens you will be able to disable auto synchronization or change its interval.

How do I add a task to the To-Do function?

Click on the To-Do icon in the note preview or in the editor. Tap on the first line and add your task. If you need to add a few tasks, just click on Return to create a new one each time.

Is it possible to rearrange the order of tasks?

Yes, it is. Just click on Edit in the task list. Then, hold down on the desired tasks to rearrange.

How do I delete a task?

Open the task list and click on Edit. Then, click on Delete button next to the desired task to delete it.

Can I create a separate To-Do note?

You surely can! You just need to press the To-Do button, after which you will be able to add the tasks and save the note.

 Can I add tasks to To-Do List from the editor?

 Yes, you can. Just press the  button and add the tasks in the window that opens.

How do I move a note to a different folder?

Open the note editor, tap on  and select the desired folder.

How do I add/change note tags?

Open the note in the editor, press  and select or add a new tag. You can also add a new tag in the Tags menu that can be opened with the help of the Tags button.

What does "Days left in cycle" in account settings refer to?

During synchronization, all data (notes) is sent to the Nimbus Note server. Over the period of a single cycle (30 days) you can send up to 100 megabytes of new data. Every 30 days, a new cycle begins, and the traffic counter is reset you can send a new total of 100 megabytes. However, even if you reached your traffic limit before the cycle has run out, your app remains fully functional, and you can continue working with your notes. The only feature that won’t be active is the ability to send notes to the server, but this is only until a new cycle begins.

How do I change a default note name?

Open Settings and select item Default Note Name. Then, select the desired name.

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