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Flash Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox

Last Updated: May 04, 2017 11:31AM EDT

As soon as you install Flash Video Downloader plugin, new buttons depicting blue arrows will appear on top and bottom panels of your Mozilla Firefox Internet browser.
You will be able to download the video with the help of these buttons.

How to download video?

Open the page with the video and click Play. Click on the add-on button (it must turn blue)
and in the window that appears, click on the video you need to download.

You can also switch to Full Mode, where you will be able to view full links to video files. You will also have the possibility of downloading multiple files at a time.

Why do I get a DOS window when downloading a video?

Some  websites  may feed video and audio as two different files and so those  have  to  be joined in advance. You need FFMPEG for that. That's exactly what you see launching (to join the files) after the download is initiated.

The video is playing, but the button remains red. Why can that be?

In all likelihood, this is a licensed video that can't be downloaded from the site, or there are technical restrictions (for instance, the RTMP format may be used).

I do not see the add-on button. Where did it go?

Go View - Toolbars - Customize, then find our button and drag it to the add-on panel.

How to save a video to a specific folder?

Roll the cursor over Download and select Save As...

The add-on found several videos of different formats. How do I download them all at once?

Switch to Full Mode and click 'Download All'.

 How to change the target folder to which files are downloaded?

Click on the black arrow on the add-on button and select item Settings. Open the Behavior tab and for item Download to tick 'Custom folder'.
You can define a new target folder for the files you download.

Can't Download mp3 files

Mp3 music is not allowed to be downloaded without proper copyright permissions!

How to disable Superfish?

Open settings of addon and uncheck Enable Product Search.

How to copy a link to a video file?

Roll the mouse cursor over the link and press on the copy link button.

There are lots of links on the list resulting from a search. How to get rid of the unnecessary ones?

Press on the remove button for deleting an unnecessary link.

I do not need SD or HD videos, just FullHD - how do I filter them out?

Remove unwanted video types from the filters.

How to disable the "upload complete" message?

Uncheck this option in settings.

How to download MP2T video (from Twitch, for example)?

Open the channel page on Twitch and start playing the video. Click on the add-on button, select the desired video quality for recording (Sourch, High, Medium, Low, Mobile) and click on Record.

The video will start recording, and you will see the add-on icon change.

When you are done watching the channel, click on the add-on button and then click on Stop Recording.

Wait for the small video fragments (sites like Twitch transmit videos in fragments) to be joined into a single one. When the process is completed, you will see a message letting you know the video is ready and you can open it.

How do I record a streaming video (JustIn or Vimeo for example)?

1)Open the video. Press on the add-on button and select video quality. Press Download.

2) Select target folder for the video.

3) Start playing the video in the player.

4) When you are done watching, press Stop.

5) You can now watch the downloaded video.

I don't want for videos from certain sites to download. How do I prevent that?

You can add any such sites to the add-on blacklist. Just open the site, press on the add-on button, press on the Blacklist icon and select Add domain to blacklist.

How to remove a site from the blacklist?

Open settings, go to Blacklist and remove the sites you want off it.

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