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Tags: Quick Guide

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2018 06:48AM EDT
What are tags for?

Tags give your notes context and meaning. The main advantage of tags is the fact there can be many of them for a note (unlike a folder) and it's easier to categorize them that way. For instance, a note titled "Recipe of a vegetable salad". You can put it in the Food folder, but you can also add tags - vegetables, salad, tomatoes, cucumbers etc.

How to add a new tag to a note?

Press on Add tag on the tag panel.

Start typing your tag's name. If you already entered tags before, you will be prompted with any matching ones. You can confirm a new tag by pressing Enter. You can exit the create/edit note mode using the ESC button or through a mouse click in the editor.

How to delete a tag from a note?

Press on the X next to the tag name.

How to hide tags that do not come with a note?

Right-click on Tags and uncheck Show tags without notes.

How to rename a tag?

Right-click on the tag and press Rename.

How do I view notes with various tags at once?

Press CTRL and select the needed tags.

I have tags A and B. How can I view notes that contain both tags?

Press SHIFT and click on tags A and B.

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