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Search in Nimbus Note for iPhone - Quick Guide

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2017 02:17PM EDT
How to find a note through the search?

1) Press on the search icon.

2) If you need to search in a specific folder, select it through Folders.

3) Enter the required word in the search field and press Search on the keyboard.

4) Once the search has been run, you will see its results:

Notes - a list of notes containing the word(s) you entered. Nimbus Note searches through text as well as images (available only to Nimbus Pro users). Text fragments with the words being searched for can be viewed in the search results. If there are several fragments, you can view them all by pressing on the arrows next to the note titles. You can go to any note by tapping on its title.

By default notes are displayed with a preview in search results. If a note contains an image with the searched for word, such an image will display on the list of search results. If the image has not been downloaded yet, you will see an icon for it.

Folders, Tags - here you will see folders and tags that contain words being searched for.

How does document search work?

Document search works in a way similar to image searching. You add a file to your note and it gets sent to the server, becoming available for searching through after some time.  During a search, the text from searched documents is placed inside special outlines, so you can go straight to the needed document by tapping on the text.

Nimbus Note searches through the following types of documents: doc, docx, pdf, txt, xml and so on.

What is Recent Search?

These are words you already searched for through your notes in the app. You can run a search with any of them again by just tapping the word you need.

How does search for text in images work?

Only Nimbus Pro users have access to searching for text in images. All your images (from regular notes, screenshots or saved articles from the internet) are run through a special script on the server, after which text from the images becomes available for searching through. Processing such images takes a certain amount of time, so you need to give it some time before searching through the text in your images. Searching for text in images is only available to users with a Nimbus Pro account.

When searching I see an arrow in some results. What is it there for?

When searching, you can view the results right on the result page. If there are several fragments with the word being searched for, only one will be shown. You can see the rest by tapping on the arrow next to the note title.

Search Terms for Advanced search
hello OR world - shows notes containing at least one of the searched words.
hello -world - if you put a hyphen before the word, notes with this word will be excluded from the search results.
"hello world" - If you put a word of a phrase between quotation marks, search results will show just the notes containing those words in the same order they come between the quotation marks.
aaa << bbb << ccc - Will show just the notes where the words come in the same order you wrote them in the search query.

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