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Widgets - Quick Guide

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2017 06:10AM EDT
How to add a Nimbus Note widget to my home screen?

Open the widget page and find Nimbus Note widgets. At this time the followings ones are available:

- Note list widget - a separate folder or all notes will be displayed on the widget;
- Separate note widget - a specific note will be displayed;
- Quick note widget - contains buttons to quickly create a note;

How do I change the default folder displayed by the widget?

 Just press  and select the desired folder.

How do I open a separate note in a widget?

1) Open the widget panel on your device and select widget Nimbus Note One Widget.

2) Drag the widget to the desired screen.

3) Select the desired folder and note.

How can I change widget transparency?

Press the settings button on widget and change the value in Transparency.

How do I select a different note to be displayed in a widget?

Press the settings button on widget. Then, tap Select Note and choose the desired note from the list.

Can I switch my widget theme to dark?

Yes, just tap on the widget settings button and activate Dark Theme.

Can I change font size in the note widget?

Yes, just tap on the widget settings button and select the size you need in Font size.

Can I create a customized list of buttons to create notes?

Yes, just open Nimbus Note settings and go to Widgets. There you can select a list of buttons for creating notes to be displayed on the widget.

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