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Nimbus Mind for iPhone - Quick Guide

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017 12:25AM EST
After opening the app, you will then see the app's main window divided into a few items:

Singles - here you will find single meditations on a variety of topics.

Series - here you will find meditation series to improve your sleep, get rid of stress etc. A perfect option if you are serious about your health and your meditations.

Bell - your meditation timer. You can set time for meditations and timer intervals.

Music - here you will find a collection of music for relaxation, meditation, improving sleep etc.

How to start a Single Meditation

Tap on a meditation of your choice. In the window that appears you will be able to do the following:

- choose visual theme and sound background for your meditation (1);
- choose meditation length depending on the time you have available (2);

Then you just need to press Start for the meditation to begin (3). You can leave your meditation any moment, but we strongly recommend against it, because that will render your meditation ineffective.

Also, while meditating, you can disable the visual theme and the sound effects.

How to begin a meditation from the series?

Select the series that you like and tap on it. Then you will be able to select a visual theme and sound background you like for your meditation. Then, tap on the first meditation on the list to begin playing it. Important! For the meditations from series to be more effective, you must listen to them consecutively. You cannot listen for a second day or fifth day after you do a third.

How to use Bell for my meditation?

Tap on Bell and then do the following:

- select timer ringtone from the options available (1);
- set meditation start time (2);
- set timer ringtone interval (3);
- select visual theme and sound background you want during your meditation (4).

Then press Start (5).

How to play the meditation/relax music?

Select Music, then select the theme you want and tap on Start.

How do I choose the app theme to Light?

Tap on Settings, then press Change theme.

How to view meditations I already listened to?

Tap on My account and select Recent.

How do I find the list of meditations that were added to Favorites?

Tap on My account and select Favorites.

Why do I need to add a reminder?

It's best to meditate every day, and it's highly recommended to meditate at the same time. Therefore, we suggest setting reminders for specific times; the app will then remind you that you need to meditate just a bit.

How to add a meditation reminder?

Tap on the account icon and select Reminders. In the window that appears press +.

Then set reminder time (1) and interval (e.g. you can set the reminder to sound on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) (2). You can set several different reminders for different times and different days.

You can also delete any reminders any time.

How to change the sound effects or the theme while meditating?

Tap on the Settings icon. In the window that appears you can set the necessary theme by simply tapping on it. If it hasn't been downloaded yet, it will be. If you need to change sound effects, tap on the same screen on the Sound effects icon.
In the window that appears, you will be able to change the effects using sliders.

How to review my stats and progress?

Tap on My account. In the window that opens you can view your current statistics by days and weeks: how many sessions you listened to and how long it took.

Why do I need to create a Nimbus Mind account and how is it done?

By creating an account, you'll be able to synchronize your results, favorites and meditations you already listened to between various devices. To create an account, tap on the My Account icon and press Register.

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