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Nimbus Mind for browsers - Quick Guide

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2018 02:55AM EDT
What's meditation and what is it for?

Meditation is an effective relaxation and concentration exercise that frees your mind from unnecessary thoughts and anxieties, calming and bringing the body back in balance. Regular meditation practice improves mood, teaches you to relax and avoid responding to stress, helps you fight bad habits, strengthens the will and character, and improves concentration and memory.

What kinds of meditations are there in Nimbus Mind?

Once you've installed NimbusMind, you will see a new button on the application panel - press it to open the list of meditations.

Single - here you will find short meditations on various topics (sleep improvement, stress relief, etc). The great thing about such meditations is that you can set the time you can dedicate to it (for example, you only have 5 or 10 minutes to meditate).

Series - a series of meditations on various topics. Usually comprise 7 meditations, one for each day. A great option for those only beginning their journey in meditation.

Important! To achieve the best result from the  series meditations, make sure to listen to them following a specific order. I.e. you shouldn't  listen to a second day or fifth day meditation after the third day one.

Music - contains a collection of music for relaxation, meditation, sleep improvement, etc.

How to start meditating?

Nothing could be easier! Just select a meditation (single or series) and press Start.

The video during my meditation is distracting. Is there a way to get rid of it?

Yes, you can disable the background video during meditation.

Can I change the sounds playing during meditation?

Yes, click on the special button and select the sounds you want. You can even adjust the volume using the slider.

Is it possible to change the video theme during meditation?

Yes, you just need to press the button and select Backgrounds. Next, press Get more themes. In the window that appears, you can select a new theme.

The choice is quite impressive, too.

Is it possible to listen to a meditation or sounds while reading other sites?

Yes, it is, even though we do not recommend it. To exit the full-screen mode, press the exit button.

How to finish a meditation?

Press Stop session.

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