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Search in Nimbus Note - Quick Guide

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2019 03:23PM EDT
How to find a note through search?

1) Click in the search field.

2) Enter the required keyword in the search field and press Enter

3) Once the search is completed, you will see the results:

a) Notes - a list of notes containing the keywords you entered. Nimbus Note searches through both text and pictures (available only to Nimbus Pro users). Text fragments containing the entered keywords can be viewed immediately in the search results. Clicking on the note title will take you to that note.

 b) If a note contains documents or pictures with the searched keywords, you will also see them on the list of notes. Click on the name of the file to open it immediately.

Click on the note to open it. If several results are found within that note, you can navigate through them using the *** keys or by clicking on the arrows.

Is it possible to search only through specific folders or tags (advanced search)?

Yes, click on the advanced search icon. You can then choose the folders and tags to search in.

How does searching in documents work?

Searching in documents follows the same principle as searching in pictures. I.e. you add a file to a note, it gets sent to the server and after a while becomes available for searching. When searching, the name of the document is immediately shown on the list of notes; clicking on the document will open it.

Nimbus Note searches in the following types of documents: doc, docx, pdf, txt, xml, etc.

How does searching in pictures work?

Searching in pictures is only available to Nimbus Pro users. All your pictures (from regular notes, screenshots or articles saved from the Internet) are processed by a special script on the server, after which the text from the pictures becomes available for searching. Processing images takes some time, so you need to wait a little before the pictures become available for searching.

If there is a picture with the keyword being searched, then you will see the name of the picture on the list of notes displayed. Clicking on the name will open the picture.

Search operators for complex searching

You can read about major search operators by this link -

The text is definitely in the note or in the picture / document, but the note is not found when searching...

1) Check your Internet connection to make sure you are online while searching.

2) If the note was added recently, it might  not have been indexed yet, so you need to give it some time  (between 10 and 30 minutes). The same goes for recently added pictures or documents.

3) Check if Advanced Search is enabled. If so, clear the search filters.

4) Check if you are using search filters, such as double quotes. If so, try removing them.

5) If using long queries consisting of 3-4 words, try reducing that number to one or two.

My search returned too many notes. How do I narrow it down?

1) Try using Advanced search. That way you can search only in specific folders or tags.

2) Use our special search operators. Using those you can search only in the note titles or only in pictures. You can read more by following this link.

3) Try using more accurate queries of two or three words. If you use a single-word query, your search is likely to return an unmanageable number of results.

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