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Nimbus Capture for browsers - Troubleshooter

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2018 04:06AM EDT
1) Screenshots turn our blurry and of inferior quality...

 - check if you changed screenshot quality in settings.

 - try creating a new Chrome profile. The old one may have been compromised -

2) I can't hear sound from the mic in the video recorded.

 - Check if the mic feature is active in settings;

 - Open chrome://settings/content/microphone and check to make sure Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder are allowed access

 If not, try reinstalling the app and allowing the use of the mic when making your first recording.

 In case Nimbus Screenshot is on the list, try deleting it by pressing on the waste basket icon and then once again allowing it access for video recording.

3) I recorded sound from a different app but I can't hear anything...

 - Check if the mic feature is activated in settings.

-  You may not be able to record straight from the app because of browser restrictions.

4) After recording, it says the video is being processed. It takes forever. Is there a way to make it faster?

 How long it takes to process a video depends on the capacity of your computer. If you PC has a low or medium configuration, we recommend you use default video settings and avoid recording videos in FulHD or 4K.

 You can also disable video re-encoding and then it will take much faster for your videos to process.

5) Why don't I hear sound after converting into MP4?

You can read more info here -

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